Choice Dental Repair


On Site Repair

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   I' m a big believer in repairing equipment in a timely manner on site. Why pay a company to ship your sterilizer or cavitron out of state to be repaired? Even if parts are not available in stock, they can be red label shipped overnight directly to your practice to minimize down time or expensive rental fees on so called loaners.

Preventative Maintenance


   Equipment maintenance is like dental care. If you don't brush or floss you can not expect your teeth to be healthy. The same principals go for your equipment. When was the last time you had your air compressor serviced by changing the oil, filters and condensation drained from the storage tank? Maximize the life from your equipment.

New and Refurbished Equipment


   Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to repair equipment if parts and labor costs approach replacement costs. In that case, Choice Dental can also supply you with new or even refurbished equipment that carries a one year parts and 90 day labor warranty.